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Tracks 2021



Every year we promise ourselves that "in the next year we are not changing the routes". We do that every year and we do not have endurance to do so, and the new concepts are still winning. A mix of everything that should have a route worthy of our stage race. MTB in a nutshell! One of the longest uphill stretches for the very beginning - this is our idea for a strong stretch of the stake, in which everyone still has full strength. The further the better. The descent from Czernica, a solid piece of technical border single, picturesque mountain Trojak with new single sections. The whole thing is definitely enough as a warm-up before Tuesday's " bombarding "!

Distance Classic & Dystans Lite


Milky Way


The stage is full of awesomeness! Here you need solid equipment, which will be ridden by a determined rider. The descent from the Czarna Góra to Międzygórze, the blue trail on Śnieżnik, Milky Way... And this is only a fraction of the attractions. On this day, you can enjoy a real "top shelf" ride. This stage is a kind of an ideal combination of demanding ascents, 100% technical and fully natural descents and ambitious sections of the "Singletrack Glacensis" project. If coming to "Challenge" cost you a lot of sacrifices, this day will not make you feel disappointed.

Distance Classic


Distance Lite


Silver Fortress


The evergreen. A "replay" of the 2019 stage. Those of You, who were here, are already grinning. The ones, who have not been here before now have a chance to make up for this "mistake". It's good to have your bike carefully serviced the night before. After a mad ride down the C-Line, the Classic distance will have a chance to taste a completely new, beautiful single trail uphill section on the E-Line of Srebrna Góra Enduro Trails Park. This is really something else, no way you're not going to love it. The LITE distance will face a true mountainous challenge - you will have to sweat a lot to earn your Finisher t-shirt. 

Distance Classic


Distance Lite


Creating the MTB stage course is not a matter of setting a GPS track in your computer. Well, at least not in our philosophy. While others are scratching their heads looking at the courses of races from 10 years ago, we take our bikes and go searching for new bits. In 2018 and 2019 the riders could taste the fruit of this actions by riding down the blue trail from Wielka Sowa. In 2020 we’ll show You new technical section in Jugów neighborhood.

Distance Classic 


Distance Lite


Rogowiec Castle


Back to the future! If you'd ask us "What is Sudety MTB Challenge like?", we'd respond "just like it's last stage - wild, unpredictable, taking no shortcuts". We continue our work, where other race organisers have given up. Modern mountain bikes let the bikers ride safely in the spots, that 15 years ago were available only for a handful of the chosen ones. We give you a true MTB ride - full of extreme emotions. Some bike races hand out the finisher t-shirts with your entry package, on the first day of race. You will not get the Sudety MTB Challenge

Distance Classic


Distance Lite


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